One time, I’ve attended a training (webinar) in our company.

The trainer shared a study done in the US about how being positive is very powerful.

They want to know how it will be effective in losing weight.

There were two women involved in this experiment, lets named them Megan and Jennifer. (Don’t tell my wife that I have a crush on these two hollywood stars J).

They assigned the two to become cleaners in an office for a certain number of weeks.

These two women mopped the floors, cleaned the toilets, washed the dishes and many others.

They get Megan as the one who has no motivation to lose weight and will perform the task just for the sake of the experiment.

She is not happy in what she is doing and always hoping to finish the experiment every single moment of the day.

For Jennifer, she has the motivation to lose weight. She is happy in what she is doing even though it’s kind of difficult.

She always thinks positive that this exercise will help her to really lose weight.

They both worked hard for the entire period of the experiment and spent the same amount of time and work everyday.

Both of them sweat the same amount of body liquids.

After the completion of the study, can you guess what the result was?

They found out that Jennifer loses huge amount of weight than Megan even though they did the same activity. Their bodies reacted the same way on what they are thinking.

It clearly tells us that being positive thinking will help us achieve what we want in life.

When you compare this scenario in your financial lives, weather you want to:

  • Retire young and wealthy
  • Become millionaires
  • Buy your dream house and car
  • Send your child in exclusive schools
  • Start a business

You can achieve your goal as long as you have a positive thinking towards life.

You may encounter roadblocks, obstacles or failures along the way. However, if you are really serious, committed and has positive outlook in life, you can surpass any difficulties that the world throws at you.

I also believe in some sort of law of attraction. The kind of energy you bring to the world, it’s the same force will be return to you.

So, when you throw a lot of negative thoughts to the world, it’s the same negative events that may happen to you.

You see, having a positive outlook in life will bring you positive results as well.

I will leave you powerful and inspirational words from Buddha:

What we think, we become.

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