I talked to a gal who is earning a really high salary compare to an average corporate employee.

She is always break-even whenever she received her monthly salary.

After paying the bills, mortgage, car loan, necessities, entertainment and some personal expenses – she left with just a small amount.

Lifestyle has a big factor in building wealth but what I found is that your beliefs about wealth are very important.

When I dig deeper, she said that “I entrusted everything to God that is why I don’t care if I left zero in my bank account.”

No doubt about that.

I’m no spiritual expert to give her advice about that belief.

I guess she doesn’t want to get wealthy and she is happy with her life.

However, if she wanted to get wealthy, I will ask her to get an expert advice because her belief will be contradicted with her goal.

Instead of spending all your money, why don’t you just share it to less fortunate?

This will also help you to become wealthy because you are aiming to help other people aside yourself or your family.

Another thing that I know that keeps you not to become wealthy is:

The words that you repetitively tell yourself or others!

For example, when someone ask you to treat them or eat in a fancy restaurant.

You always say like:

  • Wala akong pera e!
  • I can’t afford to buy that.
  • Mahirap lang kami.
  • Kapos lagi e!

When you keep saying that kind of words it will build within you and your subconscious mind.

You are limiting yourself to attract wealth into your life subconsciously.

You are not aware consciously.

Instead of saying those words, you can change it with:

  • I can afford to buy those things but it was reserved to more important things like giving to charities or helping your relatives.
  • I’m wealthy.
  • Have abundance mindset.

The last thing that I know is your negative belief about money.

If you believe that money is the root of all evil, then you will never become wealthy.

But the love for money is the true evil.

Money is only a tool to purchase goods or things.

It’s not really a measurement of being wealthy.

Try to examine yourself and list down your negative beliefs about money.

Do you have these kinds of beliefs?

  • Having plenty of money can ruin people’s life.
  • Do you hate rich people?
  • Do you think you will get kidnapped if you have plenty of money?
  • Do you think you steal money from the poor if you are wealthy because you get a big pie of it?
  • Etc…

I think these are not all true.

We were just influenced by the people around us such as movies, Medias, news and many other things.

What you can do is change that negative beliefs into positive thinking.

You just have to think that money and wealth can help less fortunate people or your relatives with illness.

Money and wealth will be bad if you use in bad things such as gambling or clubbing.

That is my insights for the things that keep us not to become wealthy.

Do you have other things in mind that keep people not to become wealthy?

Please share it to our FAM community here.

Don’t keep it yourself. 🙂

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