Attention: Hardworking BPO/Call Center Employee and Parent!


How to “Avoid Losing Your Hard-Earned Money” Unexpectedly and Potentially Earn You Millions of Pesos Instead.

(You will DISCOVER How to Invest in Stock Market w/o Learning the Tricks and be a Shareholder of Big Companies like Jollibee)

Dear Friend,


Your child and family matter…

If you are reading this, it means you are a responsible parent or a loving child to your parents.

Do you agree?

I really feel you coz we are working so hard for our family’s sake (not just for selfish reason).

Sasagupain naten ang matinding traffic para lang mabayaran ang home or car loan.

Titiisin ang siksikan sa MRT para lang may kainin ang pamilya naten.

Lalabanan ang puyat para lang merong pambayad ng mga gastusin sa bahay.

This is a “never ending cycle” of our life as a hardworking employee.

Papasok. Sasahod.. Gagastos. Repeat. (gumamit ka din ng SL kapag masama ang pakiramdamJ)

But have you paused once and think about your health and family’s future seriously?

Most of the time, we keep rushing on life without really thinking about it.

Now, let’s take advantage of this time to talk about it.

Let’s discuss first about - HEALTH.

It is the most important coz if you are unwell, who else will support your family? Who will go to work to earn money?


No. 1 cause of being unhealthy is – FOOD.

We tend to eat in fast food because of busy life. Minsan walang choice at Siomai na lang ang ulam. (Bawas2x din sa kwek-kwek at fatty foods pag may time J)

Another cause of health issue is - stress at work.

Demanding bosses, irate customers, deadlines, endless overtime or annoying co-workers.

We also have no time to exercise. Mas masarap kaseng matulog at magpahinga na lang e pag-uwi ng bahay or over the weekend.

You see, if you have this kind of unhealthy habits, you are at risk to suffer critical illnesses like cancer. (Nobody is excuse with critical illnesses anyways even if you are healthy living.)

According to PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority), the top 2 critical illnesses of Pinoys which causes death are:

  • Ischaemic heart diseases (a.k.a Heart Attack)
  • Neoplasms (a.k.a Cancer)


The data shows that it occurred at any age. Bata man or matanda walang sini-sino.

When you suffer with any kind of cancer, it will definitely crash your bank account.  You have to “pay hundreds of thousands or even millions of pesos” just to cure your near-death illness.

 “E, Marvin may HMO naman ako. It can take care of it”.

HMO will not be ENOUGH!

Magkano ba ang coverage mo per illness na binibigay ng company? 150K or 300K?

When you do the math, kulang pa!

What if you lose your job for whatever reason?

You have no choice but to withdraw your hard-earned money to pay for huge medical bills.

And what if it’s still not enough?

You may end up selling your assets on a bargain like your house or car.

Will you allow your children or parents to sleep on the street and sell sampaguita?

Of course NOT!

How about eating your ego and borrow money from relatives and friends?

E panu kung hirap din sila di ba!

Kakayanin mo rin bang manlimos sa PCSO or mga pulitiko pambayad ng hospital bills?

It’s a big NO, right?

Don’t get me wrong…

I’m not frightening you. I’m just stating the fact that it may happen.

I’m just giving you a warning so that you are future-ready for whatever happens.

Let me share you a quick story of my co-worker Mam Myrna.

Her husband was one of the top executives in a company and he was earning very high salary.

Their family is financially well-off.

Big home.

Luxury cars.

Children are attending in top Universities.

Travelling abroad. (you name it.)

During near-retirement of her husband, unfortunately he lost his job.

Few months after, another crisis came in. He suffered with cardiac arrest.

With no employer’s benefits anymore, they had no option but to withdraw their life’s savings.

Their properties were put on sale just to pay millions of pesos of hospital bills and medicines.

Sa kasamaang palad, namatay din yung asawa nya at nabaon sila sa utang.

It was a double cry.

They cried when her husband passed away. And another tears flow because of huge debt that they need to pay.

It was a financial disaster for Mam Myrna’s family because of not having life protection.

It was really a sad story to hear.

Fortunately, they were able to recover after few years of struggling.

Now, let’s discuss the second important point which is…

Your Family’s Future

Have you had a time to sit down and think about your children’s education (if you are a parent) or your retirement fund?

Most of the time we are busy playing mobile games or browsing feeds in Facebook. And we think seriously about what really matters.

College tuition is not cheap. And it’s getting expensive year after year.

If you don’t prepare early on, your children (or future children) will have no choice but to attend public universities.

Hahayaan mo  bang walang option ang anak mo pagdating ng college? Di ba mas maganda kung marami syang options where to attend college?

I’m not saying that public universities are no good. What I’m saying is better to have better options.

Like U.P., De La Salle, Ateneo, FEU, etc…

I’m sure that your children will “thank you” when they reach their college year.

Another important thing to prepare for is – RETIREMENT.

You may be thinking, “bata pa naman ako bakit ko naman iisipin agad yan!

You have a point but let me tell you this - life is too short my friend.

The best time to start planning for retirement is when you start working. Putting aside a small portion of your salary regularly can go a long way.

Hard truth is most Filipinos are relying on SSS pension when they get old.

Let’s face it.

SSS pension will not be enough to support you when you get old.

It’s not enough to support the maintenance of dreaded diseases like high blood or diabetes.

I witnessed it myself with my parents.

Yung pension nya e pambayad lang ng kuryente at tubig. Kulang na kulang talaga.

E panu kung gusto nyong mag-travel abroad to enjoy your golden age?

E di, nga nga! Baka hanggang Tagaytay na lang kayo ng asawa mo.

Another thing, some parents are expecting their child to take care of them when they get old.

Ohh! I remember there was a viral post in Facebook stated that “your Children are not your Retirement plan”.

It got 53K+ reactions and comments from netizens coz it’s a sad reality.

Aminin man naten o hindi.

That is why as a responsible parent (or future parent) we should plan ahead and do whatever we can to “break this cycle”.

Now is the right time to start planning and take action about your future and retirement.

Hindi bukas or after makagraduate ang anak mo ng college.

Kundi NOW NA! ika nga ni Tito Boy Abunda.

We should focus on the things that we can control.

At wag tayo umasa sa “Bathala-na-si-Batman” mentality of most Filipinos.

Let’s imagine this and close your eyes for a second…

Isipin mo e nasa retirement age ka na. Maputi na ang buhok at konti na lang ngipin mo.

Gusto mo bang kakatok ka ng mahina sa pinto ng anak mo at sasabihing, “Anak, baka pwedeng humingi ng 50 pesos pambili ng ulam”?

O ikaw yung tipong kakatok ng malakas at sasabihing (*mayabang ang dating) “andyan ba si Apo, ililibre ko sya sa Jollibee”?

Anung pipiliin mong sitwasyon sa dalawa?

Definitely yung pangalawa, right?

Mas masarap yung feeling na ikaw yung nagbibigay kesa ikaw yung nanghihingi diba!

Now, I Have Good News For You…

You can now solve these top 2 causes (critical illnesses or premature death) that might wipeout your life’s savings and assets.

Not only that, you can now invest in stock market without learning the tricks so that your hard-earned money can potentially become millions. You can use the earnings for college fund of your children and a worry-free retirement.

It is the best-selling financial solution in the market now.

Are you READY to find out?  (drum roll please…)

Here it is…

It is what we called – VUL which stands for Variable Universal Life or Variable Unit-Linked.

In simple terms, it is a combination of “life protection and investment” (bond, stock market).

It is a 2-in-1 financial solution that can avoid losing your hard-earned money and potentially earn you millions in the future.

These are the benefits that you can get when you invest in VUL (Variable Unit-Linked):

  • It is for INCOME PROTECTION. If anything happens to you di magugutom ang anak or parents mo.
  • It provides LIVING BENEFITS. If you diagnosed with critical illness like cancer, you will get huge amount of money (from P500K up to millions) to help cure your disease.
  • Get the benefits of FORCED SAVINGS. No more excuses of not saving because this can be set up automatically.
  • The investment fund is WITHDRAWABLE in case of financial needs.
  • You can hit 2 Birds with 1 Stone. You will have PROTECTION and CHILD’S EDUCATION or RETIREMENT FUND in one financial solution.
  • Grow your investment into MILLIONS. You can be a shareholder of big companies like Jollibee without the hassle of learning the tricks of stock market.
  • DISABILITY AND ACCIDENT Benefits. If you get injured or got accident and unable to work anymore, we’ve got you covered.
  • ASSETS PROTECTION. Your family can use the insurance proceed to pay the estate tax to transfer your wealth to them.
  • Most importantly, you will have PEACE OF MIND – that’s priceless! You can sleep better every night without worrying about tomorrow.

You may be thinking, “Marv! Pang patay lang yang insurance e!”

This is what most Pinoys learned when we were growing up.

Let me share you this. This will definitely change your belief about insurance, FOR…E...VER…

I Will Tell You a Story

2,000 years ago, the first form of insurance was used in shipping industry. They call it - property insurance.

The fact that ships and their cargo could be insured it encouraged people to invest their money in overseas trade. It helped shipping industry to prosper.

The concept of life insurance actually started with friendly neighbor passing-the-hat (collect money contributions) for the family of someone who died.

But the collected money is never enough to ease the family’s burden.

Then, someone had the idea of creating a - death fund.

The death fund is a pooled fund coming from community members to take care of any bereaved family.

The fund contains:

  • A definite amount from the fund would be paid to the surviving members of the family
  • Regular contributions made to keep an adequate fund

You see, it’s actually a social responsibility and a contribution to the community.

The money that you invest in insurance will be used by other contributors when they suffer critical illnesses. Or encounter premature death so that their family will not end up living in the street.

That’s the benefits that you will also get in return of your contribution.

We are actually helping each other to avoid financial burden of each Filipino family.

Now due to improved regulation, insurance companies don’t allow a person who has an existing illnesses or dying soon because it will be unfair for us.

And another job of the insurance companies is to wisely invest the fund to grow over the years.

I can assure you that we have expert of fund managers that will help us grow our hard-earned money into millions.

It is like a professional pilot that will help you fly safely to your destination.

What do you think will happen if you operate it yourself?

There is a high chance that it may crush because you were not trained to do it by yourself.

So VUL is a 2-in-1 financial solution that can prevent financial loss and potentially earn you millions.

Ika nga. Protected ka na, may Investment ka pa! San ka pa?

(If you are ready to discuss your family’s financial needs, please text/call me NOW! @ 09171222289. Di naman ako nangangagat J)

I’m here to Help You

“Ok Marv! I get it.  But who are you for me to listen?”

I’m glad you asked.

Let me share you my (ala MMK) short story.

I grew up in a poor family in Malabon. Since childhood I really wanted to become wealthy.

My father is a factory worker and my mother is a manicurist. They worked really hard for us to finish college to get a good job.

Then, I worked in a BPO/Call Center company for 7 years.

And I noticed that my savings (around P40K) is always the same year after year. I said to myself, “there is something wrong here!”

The next thing I know to become wealthy is to work abroad…

So I did…

I worked in Singapore for 2 years and I was able to save up big savings.

But I’m still looking for ways to make it grow.

That’s the time that I discovered a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad. It changed everything I know about money.

When I came back to our home country I immediately implemented everything I’ve learned.

I’m now investing in different investment vehicles like real estate, VUL, etc.

I became a financial literacy advocate because I really love sharing the importance of saving and investing to our fellow Filipinos.

I’ve also decided to become a financial advisor at Pru Life UK to help Filipinos about the importance of financial planning.

I finally decided to pursue this career after years of procrastination coz whenever I gave advice to my sister and Tito (seaman) to invest, they did not take any action.

I realized that I’m doing a disservice to them and other people I encountered.

So now, I can give them advice and be the means as well for them to really start investing and protect themselves.

It’s a different fulfillment I feel whenever I help a family one at a time.

If you still reading this letter. Congratulations!

Coz I know that you really love your family. And you will do everything you can to take good care of them.

If you are this kind of person I’m talking about, let’s further discuss your financial planning and needs of your family.

Contact me at 09171222289 to set an appointment TODAY! No Obligation.


To your wealthy future,

Marvin P. Basa

Holy Spirit, Quezon City.


P.S. After we discuss financial planning and you feel that I wasted your time, feel free to contact me and I will give you a FREE Starbucks Coffee of your choice. No hard feelings. Friends pa din tayo! 🙂

P.P.S. Have you heard that the attention span of a person is now down to eight (8) seconds? That’s scary! That’s the effect of overwhelming information that we see online and all the distractions around us.

I’m sharing this coz if you don’t take action now you will forget everything I shared about the importance of financial planning. So better to set an appointment now before you get occupied by Facebook feeds that won’t help you achieve your financial goals.