In my childhood, I’ve experienced a poor lifestyle.

We live in a squatter’s area and my parents have to really work hard to make ends meet.

Minsan kung wala talagang pambili ng gatas e Am (pinaghugasan ng bigas) nalang ang pinapainum samin.

Isang kahig, Isang tuka, ika nga!

Nung nagkamulat na ko, sinabi ko sa sarili ko na iaangat ko ang buhay namin.

I don’t want to stay poor FOR.E.VER.

That is why I worked hard to finish my college degree to get a good job.

Early on in my career, I really wanted to raise my financial status.

I saved money as much as I can.

However, I noticed that even working for so many years, my savings is always the same.

I don’t have any debt but my savings didn’t grow year after year.

Hmm, there is something wrong with this I said!

I did some research.

I read books about finance.

I watched some youtube videos about money management.

I attended seminars and workshops.

Then, one day I saw an interview with Miriam Quiambao (Miss Universe Philippines 1999) about money management and investing.

She mentioned about the 6 jars method in managing your finances.

I was intrigued by this traditional way of money management.

I did further research about this 6 jars method.

After so many trials and errors, finally, I was able to crack the code and fully understand how it really works.

After 5 years of implementing this, we now have:

–          Our own house in QC thru foreclosure

–          Build an emergency fund for 6 months

–          Paper assets – stocks and bonds

–          VUL – insurance and investment

–          No bad debts

–          Travel a few times here and abroad every year

–          Best of all, we don’t have any fight about money anymore

By simply following this simple method of money management, we were able to raise our financial status fast.

This is where I realized that what I lack before was the foundation of building wealth.

It’s like building a house. If you don’t have the proper foundation, it may destruct in no time.

I don’t want to keep it myself about this discovery and wanted to share this with everyone.

That is why I documented the money management system and the right money mindset that we followed so that anyone can learn from it.

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To your wealthy future,

Marvin Basa

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